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What kind of alloy casting ball is suitable for cement industry

Release time:2020-06-15 Thefollowingisthecontentofalloycastingball,havealook!Whichindustriesusealloypellets?Alloycastingballiswidelyusedinthepowderpreparationandultrafinedeepprocessingofcementbuildingmaterials,metalmines,coa...

  The following is the content of alloy casting ball, have a look!

  Which industries use alloy pellets?

  Alloy casting ball is widely used in the powder preparation and ultrafine deep processing of cement building materials, metal mines, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coating, light industry papermaking, magnetic materials and other industries. High hardness, low abrasion, good toughness, less breakage, in the use of the ball surface hardness will be further improved, wear resistance enhanced, can improve the mill production capacity, improve the specific surface area of cement and concentrate recovery.

  What kind of alloy casting ball used in the construction industry will be more cost-effective?

  In terms of chemical composition, there are dozens of different materials, ranging from low chromium to high chromium. In order to standardize the industry standard and make people have a clear understanding of chromium alloy casting ball rationally, the national standard of casting grinding ball GB/T17445-2009 stipulates that the chromium content of the low chromium ball is 1%-3% and the hardness HRC≥45. Multi-alloy ball chromium content 4%-6%, hardness HRC≥47; The chromium content in the chromium alloy ball is 7%-10%, HRC≥48; High chromium alloy ball chromium content ≥10%-14%, hardness HRC≥58; Special high chromium ball chromium content more than 14%, hardness HRC≥58.

  High chromium alloy casting balls are not only environmentally friendly but also wear - resistant

  At present, most of grinding media used in cement industry in China are dominated by high chromium ball. With the continuous development of cement grinding process, the specific surface area and fineness of cement are required to be higher, so it is very important for cement enterprises to select the right abrasive materials. High wear-resistant grinding body, at the same time of the grading unchanged for a long time not only improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the time and the number of key down to fill the ball, also extend the clearance cycle, reduce labor intensity, to improve the grinding machine is used at the same time production, ensure the quality of abrasive, and reduce the power consumption and the consumption of grinding medium is of great significance. Chromium alloy casting ball products are developed in combination with different industries and working conditions, among which the hardness of high-chromium ball forging specially used for cement grinding reaches over 62HRC (impact value ≥ 4.0j /cm2). In a number of large cement enterprises in China 4.2*13m cement mill use its tons of cement single warehouse consumption is only about 13 grams, compared with its wear resistance low chrome ball increased more than five times, for cement enterprises to create a value of economic benefits. It is the real environmental grinding ball and green grinding ball.

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