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Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone,Ningguo City, Anhui Province

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  The company is a big family, to warm everyone everywhere, so that we have the courage to say, have the strength to a place to make, there is a brilliant move on the speech, a bad thing dare to fight the sense of ownership. Make the right spirit in the company, evil spirit nowhere. Reward the staff who dare to speak, contribute more, educate the staff who spread rumors, lazy and slack off, establish the good style of speaking upright, being responsible, snatching to do, and helping others.

  Over the years, the company has always been familiar with the family affairs of the staff and workers, for the children to go to school, marriage, death of parents and other family events, the company will send people with money to visit condolences. Make the workers feel warm. Enhance the cohesion of the company.


To grind steel ball, grinding rod, grinding section and other grinding materials - based production enterprises

Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province




Workers Attention To Social Concern For The Environment