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  The earth is the home on which human beings live, and the environment is the essential factor for all living creatures living in this home. Polluting the environment is killing off living things, so we have the responsibility to protect the beautiful environment, but also to protect our own living conditions.

  The company has invested 50 million yuan in new high-efficiency automatic production line, energy-saving furnace and corresponding energy-saving electrical equipment, and is testing the installation of smoke and dust purifier. And adapt to the construction of the management system of energy conservation, environmental protection and consumption reduction, and actively reduce energy consumption, energy conservation and emission reduction.

  Company established the first domestic steel research and mining steel ball experimental base my research with super talent, advanced experimental debugging equipment, and plenty of research and development spending, Shanghai jiaotong university joint and domestic grinding industry experts and professors, in mining grinding ball, analyzes, set research and development plan, find direction, key research, has made gratifying progress, are testing debugging of new product. The aim is also to improve efficiency, reduce costs, save energy and reduce emissions.


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Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province




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