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Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone,Ningguo City, Anhui Province

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  Blue: represents beautiful, pure, calm, rational, accurate.

  It emphasizes technology and efficiency.

  The middle blue ball refers to both the earth we live on and the steel ball of our product. This natural color represents our company's emphasis on science and technology, efficiency and environmental protection.

  Red: on behalf of auspicious, festive, warm, unrestrained, passion, fighting spirit.

  Red N refers to our passion for steel ball, the representative product of grinding industry, and our passion for innovation and research in this field, as well as our fight to seize the global market. On behalf of us to go is a lucky and festive to the tortuous road to wealth.

  The following letter: ZXGB is the abbreviation of Zheng Xing Grinding Ball.

  English: Zheng Xing grinding ball, is the company name and product trademark term.

  1. Corporate Purpose:

  Quality and safety for survival, science and integrity for development.

  2. Business Philosophy:

  Industry leading, professional refinement, integrity management, steady development.

  3. Corporate Responsibilities:

  Create value for customers, create benefit for the company, create beauty for the environment, create wealth for the society.

  4. Values:

  The best quality products, the most reasonable price, the most sincere service.

  5. Management Mode:

  People - oriented scientific decision - making, strict standard and standard operation.

  6. Enterprise Spirit:

  The courage to lead, the courage to innovate, the courage to take responsibility, the courage to contribute.

  7. Corporate Ethics:

  Obey morality, obey law, know honor and shame, and honor and trust.

  8. Employing Principles:

  Use a teacher to make a king, use a friend to make a bully, use a disciple to make a fall.

  Group awareness: to bring together people with different skills, to commit to common goals and responsibilities, to unite the group in realizing personal values, to give play to our tolerance and good conscience, and to create incomparable performance.

  9. Corporate Objectives:

  Strong scientific and technological research and development strength, efficient and scientific management mechanism, fine professional service measures, excellent corporate cohesion, stable international market share and super viability.

  10. Employee Oath:

  "I dress neatly because I want my image to be intact."

  "I put on a smile because I love my job."

  "I nod my head because it's basic courtesy."

  "I am confident because I am the best"

  "I am excellent in Zhengxing, and I am excellent in leaving Zhengxing."

  "While on duty, I respect my colleagues. When off duty, I respect everyone."

  "I'll be nice because I'm your superior."

  "I don't yell because I'm cultured."

  "I am a role model because I am a business leader"

  "I despise power because I know I should do something."

  "I refuse to pass the buck because I know responsibility is supreme."

  "I put an end to emotional work because I know that work should be rational."

  "I refuse commercial bribery because I know there will be a just reward."

To grind steel ball, grinding rod, grinding section and other grinding materials - based production enterprises

Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province




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