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Comparative analysis of economic benefits between high chromium ball and low chromium ball in iron ore production

Release time:2020-06-15 Lowchromiumandforgedsteelballshavelongbeenwidelyusedasabrasivesinthecementindustry,thermalpowerplants,andespeciallyintheminingandprocessingindustriesofironoreandnon-ferrousmetals.Somedomesticsteelball...

  Low chromium and forged steel balls have long been widely used as abrasives in the cement industry, thermal power plants, and especially in the mining and processing industries of iron ore and non-ferrous metals. Some domestic steel ball manufacturers have done a lot of work to replace low chromium ball and forging ball with high chromium cast ball, but due to poor product quality and wear resistance, sometimes even a lot of damage, to bring economic benefits to users. It cannot change the status quo.

  The economic benefits of ore ball are analyzed from several aspects (taking iron ore as an example) :


  Most mines generally use low chromium ball, its price is about 6000 yuan/ton, grinding body consumption is about 3Kg per ton of concentrates. When ZQCr 10 ordinary high chromium ball is used in our factory, the average price is 8000 yuan/ton (excluding freight and packaging costs, the same below), and the consumption of fine ore powder is 1.5kg /T. Using high chromium ball instead of low chromium ball can greatly reduce the actual consumption of steel ball per unit year, thus saving the following parts of the ball. Direct benefits, reduced freight costs and increased production in Taiwan would also yield greater benefits.

  1. Reduced procurement cost caused by wear: the original use of low chromium ball mill 3Kg, the price is 6000 yuan/ton, the total value of 300 tons of low chromium ball mill 100,000 tons of fine ore 1.8 million yuan; Now use the high chromium ball. Wear-resisting 1.5 kg, price 8000 yuan/ton, production of 100,000 tons of fine ore needs 150 tons of high chromium ball, the total value of 1.2 million yuan. Two yuan one yuan savings 600,000 yuan. At the same time, due to the purchase quantity greatly reduced, also saved a lot of freight.

  2. From the perspective of the customer workshop, the ZQCr10 ordinary high chromium ball reflects that the consumption cost of concentrate per ton is 8000 yuan/ton *1.5 kg/ton? Concentrator =12 yuan, the use of ZQCr2 high chromium ball reflects the concentrator ball consumption cost of 6000 yuan/ton * 3kg/ton? Concentrate pellets =18 yuan, reducing the consumption cost of concentrate powder by 6 yuan per ton. Production of 100,000 tons of concentrate powder can save 600,000 yuan, considerable economic benefits.

  3. Due to the dispersion distribution of carbides in the matrix structure of the high-chromium sphere, (Cr, C)7C 3 has high carbide content, good wear resistance, low wear resistance and high grinding efficiency, so the pellet gradation stability in the ball mill is not easy to change. It not only improves the fineness of concentrate to a certain extent, but also improves the output when the concentrate is fed, and ensures and improves the quality of concentrate. At the same time, it extends the processing period and reduces the labor intensity.

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Address: Heli Industrial Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province




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